Unravel Coffee

Freshly Brewed Coffee

  • Drip Coffee -3

    danbi uddo, guji — ethiopia: jasmine, lemon, and stone fruit

  • Cafe Au Lait -4

    brewed coffee, steamed milk

  • Cold Brew -3

    two stitch blend

  • Nitro Cold Brew -4

    nitrogenated two stitch blend

  • Nitro Milkshake -5

    nitrogenated two stitch blend, vanilla, oat milk


  • Espresso -3

    double shot

  • Long Black -3

    double shot, 2 oz. hot water

  • Americano -3

    double shot, 8 oz. hot water

  • Macchiato -4

    double shot, 1 oz. steamed milk

  • Cortado -4

    double shot, 2 oz. steamed milk

  • Flat White -4

    single shot, 4 oz. steamed milk

  • Cappuccino -5

    double shot, 4 oz. steamed milk

  • Caffe Latte -5

    double shot, 9 oz. steamed milk

  • Caffe Mocha -6

    double shot, 4 oz. steamed milk

Specialty Beverages

  • Matcha Latte -5

    kodemari japanese stone-ground matcha om spirit tea

  • Chai Latte -5

    made in-haus, balanced spice and sweet

  • Steamer -5

    milk steamed with chocolate, vanilla or honey

  • Malabar Latte -5

    ginger, turmeric, malabar black peppercorn, lemongrass, and licorice root

  • Alternative Milk Options

    Oat, Almond, Coconut


  • Homemade Pastries -mkt

    daily selection varies

Coffee for Good

Tucked inside Slope Room at Gravity Haus Vail, Unravel transforms the coffee experience into a sustainable, collaborative act, spooling threads of agriculture, technology, sustainability and human connection.

At Unravel, we believe nothing’s better than a great cup of coffee — except for a sustainable one. We’re on a mission to use coffee as a force for good, bringing people together and empowering our partner farms and communities. We co-produce and import straight from farms in Ethiopia and roast coffee in-haus with our zero emission Bellwether Roaster.

Unravel isn’t your average coffee shop.

From Bean to Cup

Unravel takes the coffee cycle personally, collaborating at the farm level and participating in the harvest and processing in conjunction with sustainable small farm producers. Our Unravel Coffee shop team in Vail makes decisions on how much and how to process the coffee cherries to create distinct taste profiles and follows the bean to the import process and then into our in-haus Bellwether roaster.

Zero-Emissions Roasting

The zero-emissions Bellwether commercial coffee roaster is the most consistent, controllable and sustainable roaster in the world. The roaster is controlled by innovative software that delivers decades of roasting experience and skill. The results are consistent and the precision keeps our quality at the highest level. This is coffee roasting for a sustainable world.

Infused Sustainability

Unravel serves to-go espresso and coffee in reusable glass paragon jars. The glass jars are yours to keep, bring back and refill. Our groundbreaking sustainable coffee consumption program is the way of the future.

Serving More Than Coffee

Get ready for the day’s adventures or reboot in the afternoon at Unravel Coffee inside Gravity Haus Vail. Slide into a plush velvet booth in the gorgeously designed mountain eatery and watch the world stroll by next to the Gore Creek, steps from Vail’s legendary slopes.

Select from freshly brewed hand-roasted coffees — cortados and flat whites to nitro cold brews and matcha lattes. Stock up on grab-n-go’s like CBD waters, kombucha, Haus-made granola and Colorado honey caramels. And indulge in morning faves that include overnight oats, smoked salmon lox on local everything bagels and wholesome loaded avocado toasts.